Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Secret of Sarah Pennington - Jed Fox - Acting Jedi

In “The Secret of Sarah Pennington” we needed someone to play a police detective, that could portray a range of emotions, could handle a long speech, and convincingly look like a detective.   Mutual friend Sharon Cheatwood suggested actor Jed Fox.

Pat Bishow of Amusement Films once commented that he’s always nervous about bringing into a production someone new who he hadn’t worked with before.

I met Jed and he possessed the look for the role and lucky for us, he agreed to play Simon Garland.  He brought the perfect combination of emotional range to the role – the calm when needed, and crazy when appropriate.  Jed’s presence and acting raised the bar and everyone working on the movie performed better when Jed was present.  Plus he supplied his own wardrobe and brought needed props.  And, when the production faltered, Jed stepped in and offered a solution that greatly enhanced the production.

Should I have been nervous about bringing someone new in the movie?  Absolutely not, I look forward to working with Jed and his wife Shelli on our next picture.

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