Friday, November 30, 2012

The Secret of Sarah Pennington - A Director Is...

A director is many things.  First the director is an authority figure.  Whether it is directing friends or a cast of 1000s with an expensive budget, the director is the one who must make the decisions and often make them swiftly and confidently.  The director is responsible for insuring that adequate shots are recorded the story does not suffer.

The director is also a technician.  This doesn’t mean that the director has to be an engineer but the director must understand such things as what a shot looks like when using a camera truck versus a zoom.  The director should possess an understanding of quality audio.  Non-technical directors will find it difficult to communicate with their crews and because of that difficulty that the project will suffer.

The director is an artist.  And what is the director’s first responsibility?  The script. A good picture is seldom made without an excellent script.   The director must look at the script to see what things can be brought to life.  The idea of director as an artist goes back to the idea of composing in the view space, selecting the elements that are necessary to further the story and create image and 


Charles Stanley, director of “The Secret of Sarah Pennington” is all of these things. 

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  1. And inspirational. That's what I needed and got. Freedom and inspiration to create Simon as I went to new places. Places that I could only get to as they played out in the script. Without freedom and inspiration from the director, "magic" hasn't the chance to happen!